Dog Walking

Buster on the move
Dog Walking

We offer regular or occasional group dog walking where your dog will be collected in our air conditioned van that has been custom fitted with dog cages that have escape doors built in, taken to a safe location where they can run and play with other friendly dogs to their hearts content. After the walk we will provide fresh drinking water and towel your dog down if wet or muddy. We keep all dogs on lead for the first few walks until we get to know each other and only let them off lead after this with your written consent. Dog groups are chosen so that dogs of similar needs are grouped together. Sometimes it maybe better to walk dogs alone and we can discus your needs and preferences at the initial consultation.

Koda and Penny
Puppy Sitting

One of the best things in my job is meeting a new puppy for the first time, many of the dogs we walk today joined us as puppies and there is nothing more rewarding than seeing their characters and personality develop week by week. Our puppy sitting service is available up to 20 weeks of age when they will then graduate onto group walks. Initially our service includes letting your puppy into the garden, cuddles & play, feeding and cleaning up any accidents. After vaccinations when your puppy has been given the all clear to go out into the big wide world we start with short lead walks around your local area and work on building trust and confidence introducing them to as many different sights and sounds as possible. They are then ready to join our group walks.

These are our main services but if there is a service you require that we do not have listed for example pet taxi for vet appointments or to be taken to the groomers, or any other service you can think of please do not hesitate to get in contact with us to discuss your requirements and we will be glad to help.